We produce textile pieces in all formats for the home and
for public places: murals, Bed-spreads, net curtains, textile walls
for nurseries... If you have other ideas or requests we can work on them together in the studio or on site.

Our Appliqué is a free juxtaposition of pieces of fabric according to a precise design, using a number of materials. All the compositions are individual. Fabrics of very varied origin are recycled, transferred, cut, recomposed. The work is then enriched by subtle embroidery.

These « duets» simultaneously combine the precious with
the plebeian.
It was one of those extraordinary and unexpected encounters. One day, their common language of textiles led Corinne and Elodie down such a pathway and opened up a world of creative possibilities that each acknowledges the other’s part in.
Their studio, in a house hidden behind foliage with a walled garden full of flowers,
has the charm of places where artists live amongst their own creations.
Piles of fabrics, assembled according to colour, mingle with exquisite ceramic sculptures. The scent of cumin blending with the faint perfume of orange blossom lingers in the room to welcome us.
Whatever the nature of the fabric, it is magically transformed into silk in the hands of
Corinne and Elodie. The materials they use bear an imprint of the past, the childhood dreams that forged their identity and determined the nature of their secret..
Their works are composed with endless patience and complete attention to the task
in hand. They work silently, allowing the fabrics to speak for themselves. A hundred times
in the process they go back over their work. They mould and cut simultaneously,
their imaginative leaps keeping pace with their nimble fingers.
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